Freddie Gibbs has been quietly out-rapping a large percentage of the game for a minute now. Though Freddie didn’t quite live up to last year’s excellent You Only Live 2wice, the project was another solid addition to Gibbs’ impressive discography. Now, with fans patiently waiting for Bandana to drop, Gibbs has taken a moment to get a side project out of his system. For the occasion, he’s linked up with the homie Curren$y Spitta to bequeath their collaborative album Fetti unto the masses.

Taking to Twitter to share a sneak peek, Gibbs kicks back while the album bumps. Taking to a soulful instrumental befitting of the duo, Gibbs can be heard spitting a dexterous, near-double-time flow, contemplating the benefits of growing a mohawk. “Good work @CurrenSy_Spitta,” he writes, “we finished #FETTI in 2 days.” Speaking of which, Spitta can be heard on the second verse, proving a valuable counterpart to Gibbs’ menacing baritone. 

Given the inherent healthy competition imbued within projects of this nature, expect to see both rappers delivering their A-Game. Salute to Gibbs and Spitta for this one.