The news that Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloe Kardashian with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods has been making waves for the last week or so now. Tristan and Jordyn have pretty well been shunned from the family, with Jordyn blaming Thompson for the encounter. Thompson and Khloe’s relationship is pretty much up in the air at this point but who knows what will happen between the two at this point. Regardless, a surprising voice has entered the fray, as former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is now commenting on the situation in a pretty vulgar and direct way. Arenas posted an Instagram comment lately which spoke about Thompson’s cheating and let’s just say, it’s a little x-rated.

Image via @no.chill.gil

“She needs to worry about her pu**y skills if every ni*** she dated cheated (pu**y trash). You know how horrible your p*say gotta be for a ni*** to f*ck a (22 year old) ?? She only been using her pu**y a few years She ain’t even a professional f*cker yet and he would rather deal with (C-minus vagina) He did t even cheat on you with a (LeBron type of talent #veteran) he went for a Trey young exciting but no playoff experience.”, Arenas wrote.

Arenas is known for speaking his mind so we’re not totally surprised he would say this, although it’s safe to say he won’t be talking to Khloe on good terms anytime soon.