Blac Youngsta Learning Spanish Is Outrageous & A Little Embarrassing

Blac Youngsta recently learned the word “gracias.”

BYAlex Zidel
Blac Youngsta Learning Spanish Is Outrageous & A Little Embarrassing

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States. However, there are still so many people who only know how to speak English. In their defense, if they weren't introduced to a second or third language in school, it can be extremely difficult to learn one as an adult. However, introducing oneself to a few different languages can absolutely be a tool when traveling or looking for work. As an internationally known rapper, Spanish has not been a priority to Blac Youngsta. While he's almost certainly been with Latina women and oggled over their booties given the content of his music, he is not familiar with the language.

When he stopped by Power 106 for an interview, the radio hosts decided to have some fun with Youngsta, having him learn a few words and phrases so he can comfortably step out in Los Angeles and speak to nearly everyone. The rapper revealed that he had previously learned "gracias," the Spanish word for "thank you," but that seemed to be the extent of his knowledge. The "Booty" artist seemed genuinely happy to be expanding his horizons but his attempts at pronouncing some of the basic sentences given to him were outright embarrassing. We've gotta give it to him though as he definitely tried his best and he was entertaining in doing so.

Keeping up one of the most hilarious rap personas in the game, Blac Youngsta has consistently been one of the most eye-catching members of the community. Check out his attempt below and have a quick laugh at around the 6:45 mark.

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