TMZ has learned that law enforcement officials have a “person of interest” in mind, for a shooting threat that occurred during an advance screening of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. Apparently, the person likely responsible for administering the threat is a known business of R. Kelly named Donnel Russell. While officials are hesitant to press charges at this stage in the game, Donnel Russell is nonetheless been asked to present himself for questioning, at the soonest possible time. 

Police believe Donnel Russell issued his threat via a well-timed phone call to the theater’s ticket office. The unsourced phone call was made about 20 minutes into the screening, forcing the immediate evacuation of the auditorium, and the theater at large. At first, Police traced the call to a 773 area code belonging to the Chicago area – later narrowing it down to a number associated with Donnel Russel’s service plan.

By some freaky coincidence (or not!) Donnel Russell was the name that appeared in a police report filed by the father of Joycelyn Savage, a young woman that helped form the basis of the “R. Kelly sex cult allegations,” tabled last year. It was “Donnel Russell” who threatened Savage’s father with violence, hours before Surviving R. Kelly was set to air –  riddle me that!