For those who don’t recall, Machine Gun Kelly was sipping some Tequila on The Breakfast Club, when the conversation shifted to his rumored affair with Halsey. While some may abide by the honorable adage of “don’t kiss and tell,” the Binge rapper opted for a more vocal approach, claiming to have “absolutely smashed” the singer on public airwaves. Clearly, Halsey did not appreciate her business being aired out for the umpteenth time, and took to Twitter to respond accordingly. 

While not exactly opting to name names, Halsey instead opted for a “you-know-who-the-fuck-you-are-Kelly” approach. Taking his response and flipping the script, she replied with “how *absolutely* pathetic,” leaving fans to read between the lines. It’s no surprise that she feels some type of way, and it’s unfortunate to see Halsey essentially used as ammunition in a greater feud between MGK and Young Gerald. While Machine Gun Kelly may feel entitled to boast about his actions, one has to wonder what he might gain by dragging Halsey’s name. 

In any case, Halsey has made her feelings known. Her close friend G-Eazy may also have words for Kelly, though we have yet to confirm such a notion. Peep Halsey’s response below.