In the past, Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey have had a fling. The pop singer has now been with G-Eazy for a minute and although they've had somewhat of an on-again-off-again thing, they seem to be back on these days. An underlying beef in the Eminem vs. MGK feud has been between Kellz and G-Eazy. Considering both artists have been with Halsey, she was bound to get brought up in their responses to one another. In Geralds's "Bad Boy" and in Kelly's Funk Flex freestyle, Halsey was definitely brought up a few times. Kellz alluded to getting with Eazy's girl and finally, he's confirmed it during his Breakfast Club interview.

There was definitely a lot to unpack when Kelly stepped into the room for his Breakfast Club interview. While much of the interview was centred on the beef with Eminem and Kelly's Binge EP, he had some time to speak on G-Eazy and Halsey. Charlamagne hit him midway with a casual question about if he "smashed G-Eazy's girl" and Kelly was confident in his response. "Yes, many of them!" said Machine Gun. "I ain't even say no names so I don't even know why everyone is getting sensitive." The hosts then clarify that they were asking about Halsey, to which they were met with an emphatic, "Absolutely." 

When Angela Yee tried to step in to protect Halsey from being dragged into this, MGK admits that it's messed up that her name keeps getting brought up. "That was when she and I were rocking," he said. Obviously, there's a lot being said during the interview. For this exact instance, skip ahead to 10:20.