If you’ve been keeping up to date on the aftermath from Eminem’s “Killshot,” you may have come across a story about Diddy privately telling Joe Budden that he’s got the entire situation “in his hands.” At the end of the diss track, Em flips the script and says that the day MGK puts out a hit will be the same day Diddy admits to ordering a hit on Tupac’s life. Harsh accusations but not entirely unexpected from a man who has said pretty everything on record. Whatever the entrepreneur and music mogul has planned is yet to be seen but he’s back on his motivational grind, inspiring his followers to be as great as they wish. This morning, he used the Migos as a perfect example of glowing up. 

Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset came from nothing, worked their tails off and became the hottest rap group in the world. That doesn’t come without major effort. Their come-up has been detailed in their music as they love to sing about what they never got to experience earlier in their lives. Diddy recognizes the hustle and is using them as an example to keep working hard. He juxtaposed a photo of Takeoff and the gang in a correctional facility with an image of the three stunting in their Versace fits on the red carpet. It’s definitely been a journey for Migos.

Diddy also tagged Pee from Quality Control, who helped them in an extreme way as they built their career from nothing to superstars. Diddy has yet to publicly respond to Eminem’s allegations but he’s definitely keeping himself in top mental shape during this drama.


Migos & Diddy

Migos Are Diddy's Morning Inspiration For The End Of The Week