Who’s Tekashi 6ix9ine beefing with this week? Well, this week he appears to be taking aim at Vic Mensa. The man who seems to have had issues with everybody keeps on adding targets to his list. Taking very few L’s in his battles, 6ix9ine continues to clown Vic Mensa for saying he stole his style from Chicago rappers. Whether or not that’s true, Tekashi is coming for the artist’s neck and he’s not backing down without a fight. 

In a new interview with Angie Martinez, Tekashi opened up more than he ever has in the past. However, the one thing that everybody’s favorite rainbow-haired kid posted about from the sit-down was his comment about Vic Mensa. When Angie brought up the current beef he has with the Chicago artist, 69 swiftly said, “I don’t even know who that kid is.” He continued by stating that, with a gun to his head, he would never be able to name a Vic Mensa song. Harsh. He even called in DJ SpinKing to help him out and he just walked away, refusing to get involved.

Reposting the segment to his Instagram, Tekashi said that this is the best promo Vic will ever get in his career. While that’s debatable, we’re sure that some people that wouldn’t be listening to his music beforehand checked out his new single “Metaphysical” to see what was up. Urging everybody to help out Vic Mensa, 6ix9ine wrote that his career is “ice cold.” Grab the popcorn, folks. This is probably not going to end anytime soon.


6ix9ine & Vic Mensa

6ix9ine Fails To Name A Vic Mensa Song, Gives Him "Best Promo He's Ever Gonna Get"