The 2001 Redman and Method Man-starring stoner classic How High is finally getting a sequel, though it’s unclear if the two rappers will be involved. According to Deadline, MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment will team for a non-theatrical follow-up to the beloved film, which will be written by Family Guy’s Artie Johann and Shawn Ries.

The report also shares the premise of the second film, though no actors have been revealed. It’s said to follow “two young but business-savvy stoners embark on a pot-filled odyssey through Atlanta to find their missing weed, only to uncover a vast government conspiracy.” The description seems to be in line with the first film, which featured Red and Meth as two friends who aced their exams with the help of some specially fertilized weed and end up taking their stoner antics to Harvard.

There is at least one person from the original team that is confirmed to be involved in its sequel: Shauna Garr, a producer on the 2001 movie, will executive-produce the follow-up.

Just last week, we assembled a list of the best stoner comedies on Netflix, which unfortunately does not include How High as the movie is not currently featured on the service. Check out the list here and watch the trailer for the film below.