There are different movies for different moments. Sometimes, a drama with a drawn-out plot is a good time killer. Or, maybe a horror flick is a good choice when you invite a date over and need an excuse to get close. Netflix has something for everybody, but one genre is severely underappreciated. The stoner comedy. Movies like Half Baked or How High are perfect because of how imperfect they are. Just smoke up and sit back, enjoy the comedy on the screen while lost in a haze. The best thing about the stoner comedy is the low level of commitment and the high levels of hilarity. The plot doesn’t need to make sense, the movie doesn’t need an amazing rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and winning an Oscar is unlikely. Still, it feels good to sit back and just laugh at slapstick comedy

Stoner comedies come in several forms. There is the traditional movie about a crew getting high and going on an adventure. Then there are action comedies that are so obviously ridiculous that it would almost be blasphemous not to smoke up before watching them. Every now and then there’s the rom-com that graduates past being trite and is accepted in the stoner comedy genre. So whether you're looking for action with your comedy, or romance, Netflix has a stoner comedy for you. From Tropic Thunder to Mac & Devin Go to High School, these are the best comedies to get stoned to on Netflix.