During the 2018 Emmys last night, the camera panned to the crowd when Bill Hader won the award for Lead Actor In A Comedy Series. While he got up from his seat, he was seen hugging someone dressed up like the creepy Atlanta character, Teddy Perkins. Donald Glover played the character in the show so naturally, people assumed that he dressed up as Perkins for the award show. However, that might not be the case and according to some Internet theories, it could’ve very well been Jay Pharoah.

As Complex pointed out, the internet has gathered evidence that suggests Jay Pharoah was the individual dressed up as Atlanta’s Teddy Perkins last night. Initially, people thought it was Lakeith Stanfield or Donald Glover, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Both of them were seen in the crowd during the award show when Teddy Perkins appeared on the screen. 


Pharoah took to Instagram earlier to share a photo with Donald Glover, Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry and Teddy Perkins with the caption, “I’m all for it, phuckin TEDDY PERKINS N THE @atlantafx cast Ayyyyeee!” Additionally, he retweeted The Fader and Complex’s pictures of Teddy Perkins at the Emmys.


Entertainment Tonight reported that their source also said that it was Jay Pharoah disguised as Atlanta’s creepiest character in the series. 

Perkins was seated next to Bill Hader and hugged him after winning the award. Both Pharoah and Hader worked together on SNL for a few years so it wouldn’t be crazy to think they have been seated next to each other. In addition, both Lakeith Stanfield and Donald Glover aren’t as tall as Hader and the person who was dressed up as Perkins was the same height as Hader. Bill Hader and Jay Pharoah both stand at 6’1″ while Glover stands at 5’9″ and Stanfield at 6’0″. In the photo with the Atlanta cast, Perkins stands taller than anyone else in the picture.

At this point, it isn’t confirmed but the evidence definitely suggests that Jay Pharoah dressed up as Teddy Perkins for the Emmys.