You may have never heard of Birkenstock, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a multi-million dollar fashion brand. Birkenstock has been rising in popularity, and it appears they don’t think they need any help. The footwear company is most famous for their sandals. As reported by The Cut, Birkenstock CEO Oliver Reichert turned down a chance to collaborate with Supreme. That is a name that’s much more familiar in fashion circles. Supreme has become the most popular streetwear brand on the market in the last few years. They have collaborated with Louis Vitton, Levis, Nike, and a short list of other top fashion brands. Supreme collaborations are rare, expensive, and in high demand. So, then why would Reichert turn down a chance to work with them?

“There’s no benefit for us except prostitution,” stated Reichert. “Because this is just prostitution.” He also turned down a chance to work with Vetements. According to The Cut, Birkenstock has tripled its sales since 2012, and is now raking in an estimated $800 million. Birkenstock apparently has millions of orders that still need to be filled this Summer, and overextending just to make their name more trendy isn’t what Reichert has planned for the company.