Remeber those harmless yet hilarious internet challenges like ALS ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge? They’ve been replaced by dangerous pranks like the Tide Pod challenge and the fire challenge. Although the fire challenge is not new, it’s making a comeback. As reported by The Washington Post12-year-old Timiyah Landers decided to try the fire challenge, and now she’s laying up in the hospital. 

Brandi Owens, Landers’ mother, spoke with The Post about the horrific incident. Owens claims that she had just finished serving her daughter and her friends breakfast when she decided to go take a nap with her fiancee. Owens says Landers and her friends are usually occupied by the internet or endless talking, but not on this day. After a few minutes, Owens says she heard a strange popping noise. The popping was apparently the sound of her daughter being lit on fire and cooked to a crisp. Soon after, Owens witnessed her child run down the hallway in flames. She  “looked like a fireball,” Owens stated. “She was yelling, ‘Help me.’ ”

Owens’s fiance, Marquell Sholar, got Landers to the bathtub while Owens ripped off the burning clothes with her bare hands. Landers was taken to the hospital soon after, and suffered from second and third-degree burns.