Over the past few years, Pressa’s local buzz in Toronto has translated into global attention. Co-signs from the biggest artists from his city — Drake, Tory Lanez & The Weeknd — helped put a bigger spotlight on him but his own prolific output is really what made him one of the most exciting young names from the 6ix. Ahead of the release of his debut album, Prestige, he returns with his new track, “Longway.”

Pressa’s unique delivery is what sets him apart from his peers but his backstory has been a focal point of his career — for better or for worse. Pressa delivers an introspective track about the obstacles he’s had to overcome in the streets and the paranoia that he experiences now even though he’s focused on his career more than the streets.

Quotable Lyrics
And everytime I play my block, my clip full
Got my nose in the pile turn red like a pitbull
I take your advice and add a little twist to it
And in this game you lose your life, lil’ n**ga there’s a risk to it