Bulletproof backpacks and clothing for children are hitting the market. Fox Business news made the concept sound upbeat. A segment about the new products was aired this morning. A song was played as an introduction before the host, Maria Bartiromo, described the brand responsible for the novel line. The soundtrack of choice: “Bullet Proof” by La Roux.

When the 2009 hit ends, Bartiromo reminds her viewers of back to school season with enthusiasm. Still, her tone is slightly serious. The matter at hand is serious after all as it deals with the safety of children in schools. More importantly for a capitalist society, the product will spawn a considerable amount of money for the market: 5 billion dollars in business over the next seven years.

The host also makes the product seem “cool.”

“It’s incredible that this has come to this though, that we need bulletproof clothing. Some of these things are quite fashion forward.”


In a way, many Hip Hop figures would agree about using the product as a fashion statement. 50 Cent came up while donning bulletproof vests. Of course, he is known for having survived rounds of bullet wounds, so the “fashion forward” style made sense with his brand. Young Dolph was also a fan of the look, offering bulletproof vests as merch during his shows in 2017.