Real Name
DeShaun Dupree Holton
Alias Name
Big Proof, Derty Harry, Maximum
Date of Birth
Oct. 02, 1973 - Age 49
Detroit, Michigan
Iron Fist Records, Shady Records
Big Proof, Derty Harry, Maximum

Artist Bio

A crucial player in Detroit's hip hop history, Proof rose to prominence as a founding member of D12 and Eminem's hypeman during the height of his rise. The rapper born DeShaun Holton was a ferocious battle rapper, and was featured in 1999 in The Source`s coveted Unsigned Hype column. Instrumental as a confidante, colleague and close friend to Eminem, Proof was next up from Mathers's squad to become a superstar himself when he was gunned down and killed in April 2006. Before being tragically taken, Proof left the world with three D12 albums, and two solo LPs, including the critically acclaimed Searching For Jerry Garcia