Paris Jackson is the September cover star for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and the 20-year-old has received all kinds of backlash for the move. Paris came out as bi-sexual recently and people were quick to remind her that gay sex is still criminalised in Singapore. Gay Star News‘ entertainment editor, Jamie Tabberer, wrote an op-ed on the matter, calling her decision “disappointing.”

“I didn’t know, i am sorry. i was grateful for the opportunity, but i’ll delete the post now,” she said after sharing the cover on her Instagram. “I don’t want to be hypocritical or hurt anyone, and my support for my fellow LGBTQ+ community comes first before my love for fashion and gratitude for this opportunity. again, i’m sorry.”

She added:”Ii would like to add though that someone that is openly apart of the community being on the cover in a country against the community, should be celebrated. isn’t that a step forward? again, i am deeply sorry. i didn’t mean to be hypocritical or hurt anyone.”