Spotify recently released its list of the top ten most streamed artists in the platform’s ten-year history. Unsurprisingly, Drake took the number spot and although his right-hand producer Noah “40” Shebib is happy with the milestone, he still thinks the streaming service needs to up their game when it comes to properly paying the producers that make the popular beats. 

We can’t deny that most music streaming services have been making moves in the right direction when it comes to giving proper credit for everyone who has worked on a song, but according to 40, Spotify needs to “pay producers their publishing at a full rate.” Noah made the comment on The Fader’s Instagram post (reported by Complex) adding: “Their [sic] still trolling the people that make the music. This is why anyone who does a secret genius billboard is actually getting played. They give you a billboard but owe you real money with no intentions of paying it.”

Drake’s Scorpion album hit platinum the day it was released, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 100, had tracks sitting pretty on the list for 29 weeks and had songs that sparked popular dance challenges and more, so if the man crafting most of the beats to these songs isn’t getting proper credit and payout, something’s wrong.