Drake has been shattering streaming records left and right with his latest album, Scorpion, and it seems people can't get enough of the project. Just the release of the album was enough for Drake to rack up several more platinum plaques, but it appears that one of his accomplishments has gone under the radar.

According to the RIAA website, the entire Scorpion album has officially gone platinum. While the numbers on the album were already massive, it's still surprising that it happened this quickly. The initial projections for Drake's first week sales only estimated a high of 920k units sold, not quite enough to reach platinum certification. 

However, it gets better. On the site, the album is listed as having been certified on June 29th, 2018; aka, the exact day the album was released. It seems that despite all the news about Drake shattering first-day streaming records and breaking first-week streaming records in less than a week, the projections still managed to under estimate just how big Drake's popularity truly is. 

With this, Drake can truly attest to the ultimate flex of going platinum in a single day. Jay Z couldn't even do that without having to resort to his bizarre Samsung deal for Magna Carta Holy Grail. Considering the sheer number of songs on the album and the media firestorm surrounding Drake in the lead up to the album's release, it seems that Drake has hit the sweet spot when it comes to drumming up massive amounts of hype.