Drake's Scorpion has earned the most streams in a single day, on any streaming service, according to Apple Music, who report 170 million streams of the album in 24 hours. The double album, which is 25 tracks in length, saw release Friday at midnight. 


It has been reported that the album earned approximately 132 million streams on Spotify in its first day based on charts, though Spotify has yet to official number themselves. Those numbers put it above Post Malone's previous Spotify record of 78 million opening-day streams. It was reported that Drake's album was earning 10 million streams per hour at some point over the 24-hour stretch.

Drake's previous album, or "playlist," as he deemed it, More Life, was Apple Music's most popular release of 2017. 

Apple Music has generally seen more streams from rap releases than Spotify, despite having considerably fewer subscribers. Spotify attempted to get the upper hand on their competitor with their first ever artist takeover, which saw Drake added to 30 of its largest playlists and his face plastered all over the homepage. Apple Music had its own special content dedicated to Scorpion, including an app that allowed users to create their own version of the album cover.

With one day down and 6 more to go before first-week sales are tabulated, it's looking good for Drake's sales numbers. Billboard will announce those in just over a week's time.