A hospital in Arizona is full of pregnant women in a surprising way. There was an unexpected baby boom within their staff of nurses at the Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. The fact that 16 nurses found themselves pregnant at the same time is the result of pure coincidence although it might seem like the women had made some kind of pact.

Paige Packard, one of the nurses, commented on the situation during a press conference. The pregnancies came out of the blue.

“I know a couple of us did fertility treatments…”That’s how I ended up finding out that everyone was pregnant. I was like, ‘Oh, well, I didn’t plan this. Did we have some kind of pact going I didn’t know about?”

Arizona Hospital Staff Has 16 Pregnant Nurses At Once
Image via CNN Shows 12 of the 16 nurses

The work environment underwent a small change to accommodate the pregnant staff. The salad bar is said to have been made “pregnancy friendly” by adding an assortment of olives in pickles to the cafeteria’s menu.

The hospital is also preparing for their imminent staff shortage. Those looking for nursing jobs in Arizona will likely find employment opportunities at the center when all of these future mothers take their maternity leaves that each last a total of 12 weeks.