Fat Nick is at the center of things in Florida’s youth-oriented hip hop community. So much so that he’s become a spokesperson for the deceased. His latest Twitter message comes in the form of both an announcement and a rebuttal. First he refuted the notion Lil Peep and XXXTentacion were at odds. Subtle inferences XXX may have made about the “post-emo revivalist” were either taken out of context or proven untrue right before his passing. Fat Nicks claims that not only were they on relatively good terms, but before Peep overdosed, all three men had agreed to meet and hang out, as their schedules permitted.


Fat Nick then admitted his message was based on conversations he had with Lil Peep, and no one else. When Twitter users suggested the new song he promoting was comprised of recycled verses, the Florida rapper was quick to dispel the falsehood of that statement, stating “X recorded his verse on that song that’s not cut from another record.”



The biggest for fans of either artist by way of Fat Nick, is the pending release of “Falling Down.” The interest in Lil Peep & XXXTentacion has only picked up since their tragic deaths, especially the latter who went platinum just last week for ?.