With her own unique brand of fresh-faced beauty, singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko is undeniably a league above the latest crop of Instagram thots eager to twerk on camera for a brand sponsorship deal. Instead of posing in front of a ring light with overly-drawn eyebrows and pounds of caked-on product, Aiko instead boasts a social media feed comfortingly similar to her sound. Consistently dropping emotional, vulnerable tracks that explore the complexities of the human experience, (as seen on her latest studio release, Trip) Aiko’s personal Instagram gallery is a perfect visual foil to her art. 

Consistently posting pics that highlight the payoff of both her demanding gym schedule and brutal skincare routine, Aiko’s look is all-natural. A far cry from other celebrities on the platform, (looking at you, Kardashian-Jenners) there’s no way that one could scroll through the “Sativa” singer’s pictures and claim that she owes her stunning good looks to plastic surgery. Instead of posing in skimpy, barely-there outfits that leave little to the imagination, Aiko’s appeal is a perfect blend of exotic, natural beauty and an unwavering dedication to healthy living. 

Speaking to Billboard, Aiko revealed the behind-the-scenes work that goes into posting a steady stream of stunning selfies, the natural way. “To take a great selfie, you need to find the light. Once you find the light, you need to find the best angle for your face,” said the “Never Call Me” singer. “Don’t ever take a selfie to criticize yourself. Instead of taking it, looking at it and, you know, stressing over what you don’t like about your face, just take it, be confident and let it shine!”

Tired of all of the (fake) ass-out shots on Instagram? Check out Aiko’s cutest looks below. 


“All good” captioned Aiko alongside a picture of her posing in a Chanel top while rocking braids and dewy, sun-kissed skin. 


All Jean Everything

Clearly, Ariana Grande isn’t the only celebrity who can pull off an oversized, off-the-shoulder jean jacket. 


Natural Glow 

Here, Aiko shows off her post-Fraxel treatment-glow with an endearing smirk and a perfectly-lit selfie. 



How cute is Jhene Aiko posing backstage at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas? 


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Unlike other celebs who opt to keep their children off of their social media feeds, Aiko is proud to show off her lookalike daughter, Namiko.


Happy Halloween 

“Pika pika,” wrote Aiko alongside a picture of her 2014 Pokemon-themed Halloween costume.  



As seen here in the radiance of this upload dating back to 2016, Aiko’s smile is infectious. There’s no need for sexy, straight-faced smoldering selfies when you’re this confident in your own skin. 



“I will never be as great as you… i will be as great as me! 💪🏼 💁🏻,” Aiko captioned this selfie in honour of International Women’s Day. 



Aiko is so endearing, she can make a crew neck and jeans seem like a red carpet-ready look. 



Aiko doesn’t need full glam to develop a tour-ready look. Instead, she outfits her natural beauty with an ethereal, otherworldly vibe for #TheHighRoadTour.