50 Cent predominantly uses his Instagram page to troll and get under people’s skin but sometimes, he uses it to stand up for his friends. Earlier today, Casanova turned himself into NYPD after a warrant was issued for his arrest following an alleged assault that occurred at a diner this past weekend. The woman claimed Cas and his crew assaulted her after they thought she was filming them on Instagram. She also claimed she suffered injuries because of the incident. Now, 50 Cent is pulling out receipts and claiming that the woman lied about the assault.

50 Cent hit Instagram with a clip of what appears to be a conversation of Casanova’s accuser admitting that the rapper never put hands on her. Fif captioned the post, “See why you can’t believe everything you hear, shorty say Casanova didn’t touch her.” 

In the audio clip, a woman asks the alleged accuser if Cas touched her to which she confirms he did not. She reiterated that he didn’t hit her at all before placing the blame on the restaurant. However, she did say that the rapper and his crew took her phone from her.


After Casanova turned himself in to authorities earlier today, the rapper was charged with felony robbery. This all comes a few weeks after Cas revealed that he was finally off of parole. Hopefully, this gets sorted out soon.