Mikey100K has been making waves all year and he’s destined to move into 2019 with momentum on his side. You’ve only got one shot to make a first impression and Mikey knows this, putting forth his strongest effort in all of his songs to date. The recording artist was influenced by Meek Mill after the Philly native dropped his latest album, getting back on his rapping tip for a minute. Now that we know he can spit, he decided to go back to what he loves: coming up with some of the most melodic, smooth tracks out today.


As part of his 2® pack, Mikey hit his fans with a few brand new cuts in “Vibe” and “VVS.” We’re highlighting the velvety “VVS” here, which is the softer song of the two. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Everything I gave these n***as
Only thing that I regret is trying to save these n***as
Don’t ever say you made me, n***a