This month, Iamsu! came through with his latest project after spending much of this year in a pretty quiet fashion. Casey Veggies also returned to the fray with “100 Times,” teasing some new music in the future. Now, the two California rappers have teamed up in the studio to drop a freestyle effort together. They opted to rhyme over Shoreline Mafia’s “Bands,” popping off for about three minutes of action.

Su kills it with his flow as Veggies comes in for the second verse. The beat was always dope but both artists offer something new to the instrumental, deeming themselves “Heartbreak Veggies” by the end of it. Hopefully, the two come through with some more freestyle sessions in the new year. How do you feel about this one?

Quotable Lyrics:

Is she bringing dividends?
Is she pulling up with friends?
When she posting them lil pictures is she always on the trend?
Say that I’m the man, let them hoes say it for me
Crazy on the net, real life different story