After speaking out against the media’s tendency to pit women against each other, Lil Kim is giving it up for a fellow female emcee. In an interview with Power 106, Kim was asked about Chicago rapper CupcakKe, who she had never heard of. She agreed to sample some of her music on the spot and was amazed at both her abilities and the sheer “nastiness” of the content. “I fucking love it!” she said, listening to “Duck Duck Goose.” “I only call you captain, ’cause your dick is off the hook, that is so sick!” Later, she literally applauded the line “I thought I came but I peed on the dick.”

When asked to rate the scale of “1 to Kim” on the “nastiness” scale, Kim replied, “Oh, that’s nasty, I love it. Please don’t stop the nasty… she’s the nastiest one.”

Back in 1996, Lil Kim broke down barriers for women and sex positivity in rap with her debut album Hardcore. Here’s hoping that she and CupcakKe can work together for a proper torch-passing moment in the future. Kim is currently working on a new album, and recently dropped the Carribean-tinged single “Nasty One.”

Watch the full interview, in which Kim also discusses her relationship with Biggie, her upcoming project, and her Bad Boy history, above. Listen to CupcakKe’s “Duck Duck Goose” below.