The Chinese periodical Economic Daily News has released an insider report detailing which correctly revises an earlier report that Apple’s cheaper iPhone X variant won’t support dual SIM card technology, only the iPhone 9 will support that function. Dual sim functionality is popular in China, because smaller tech companies offer their employee-base inexpensive dual SIM handsets. That seems to be reasoning behind Apple’s decision to limit the dual SIM function to its cheapest model, because the rest of the World is not entitled to such treatment.

The latest information to leak is the name for said phones belonging to Apple’s iPhone X line: the iPhone XS, iPhone 9, and iPhone XS Plus. Of the three, it’s the cheaper model, the iPhone 9 which seems to have the better specs. So the question remains, why is Apple working from back to front this late in the game?

Releasing the iPhone 9 after basically skipping ahead in the count, makes little sense from consumer point of view. But who am I to tell Apple how to conduct their business? These leaked image don’t say much about the inner workings of each device, but they do properly depict a marginal difference in size from one model to the next.

Don’t take my word for it, but Apple’s iPhone X/9 reveal looks to be quite underwhelming at first glance.