Metro Boomin Releases Instrumental Version Of "Not All Heroes Wear Capes"

Get your freestyles ready because Metro Boomin just released all the instrumentals.

BYAlex Zidel

If you're not into dissecting loops on Ableton to get your freestyle sessions going, Metro Boomin is doing you all a major favor. Last week, the producer released his surprise comeback album Not All Heroes Wear Capes and a good number of the songs will be in rotation for a while. 21 Savage and Gunna had standout appearances but the production is one thing that is not being overlooked. Obviously, this is a beatmaker's album so we were expecting the groundwork to be laid out in a beautiful manner for some of the world's top rappers to do their thing on. Metro levelled up though, transporting us to a new place with different stylistic tendencies than we're used to.

It's Jacquees' lucky day because Young Metro just came through with the deluxe version of Not All Heroes Wear Capes, consisting exclusively of all the instrumentals. You now have a chance to rap over a few of the gloomy beats, perhaps even outperforming the original suitors. The St. Louis musician is sharing links to all the instrumentals on several streaming services. If you were hoping for a chance to hop on a Metro beat, this may be your only shot.

Which beat are you tackling first?


1. 10AM/Save The World (Instrumental)
2. Overdue (Instrumental)
3. Don't Come Out The House (Instrumental)
4. Dreamcatcher (Instrumental)
5. Space Cadet (Instrumental)
6. 10 Freaky Girls (Instrumental)
7. Up To Something (Instrumental)
8. Only 1 (Interlude) (Instrumental)
9. Lesbian (Instrumental)
10. Borrowed Love (Instrumental)
11. Only You (Instrumental)
12. No More (Instrumental)
13. No Complaints (Bonus) (Instrumental)

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