Shantel Jackson Seemingly Unbothered By Having To Prove Alibi Claims

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Shantel Jackson's got jokes.

Just yesterday we posted on new updates surrounding Nelly's sexual assault case. According to documents, Nelly's first accuser Monique Greene subpoenaed Shantel Jackson to prove that she was "at those venues" that Monique claims she was assaulted at. “There are women dealing with real issues of sexual assault and for the first time people are listening and there is a chance for real change," Shantel stated. "But all of this work is discredited and makes things harder for survivors when people lie.”

Monique wants Shantel to provide photos, plane tickets, and receipts to back up her alibi that she was with Nelly every moment of his tour, if she so believes that her boyfriend didn't sexually assault her.

Instagram has now proven that Shantel isn't bothered by the court order since she has 'jokingly' commented on Shade Room's photo of the news with a comment that has nothing to do with the serious matter.

"My face looks a little fat in this photo but that's OK," Shantel commented on the picture. A user replied saying, "That should be the least of yout  worries!  U going to jail girl. Think Nelly gonna hold you down while you in the big house when he's already raping everyone outchea?"

Shantel still played comedian and followed up with: "Your right. I should be more worried about my dimples looking right. Thx girl."

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