Fans have been waiting on the sequel to Method Man and Redman’s stoner comedy, “How High,” since Redman announced it in 2008. Six years later, and it appears no work has been done on the movie at all. Method Man recently spoke with TMZ about “How High 2” and what progress has been made on the film– it doesn’t sound like much, if any. 

It seems as though there’s a ways to go, as Method Man tells TMZ that they are still waiting on the writer to finish writing the script. “‘How High Part 2,’ lemme see… Well, right now, my man Dustin Lee Abraham who wrote the first one, we’re waiting on him to write the second one. If it’s good enough, we’ll rush out the gate with it, but if it’s sub-par…”

When asked what happened during the past six years with the flick, Method Man says they just hadn’t been working on it. However, he’s still hopeful it will see the light of day, and encourages fans to start a petition. “I hope so,” the rapper/actor said. “Universal get that stick up out their ass, there’s a lot of people who wanna see this movie. Matter of fact, you guys should start a petition. And once you start it, then we’ll see where the big wigs heads are at, when it comes to Method Man and Redman, and then we’ll get that ‘How High 2’ poppin.”‘

Method Man goes on to say that people overlook the fact that he’s a gifted rapper, because they only associate smoking weed with him. Check out the full clip below.



Method Man Gives Update On Status Of "How High 2"