About Redman

Redman needs little introduction - not only is he half of the indelible rap duo Method Man & Redman, he's also a veteran in the game and one of hip-hop's foremost marijuana advocates. Since making his debut appearance on EPMD's "Hardcore" in 1990 and releasing his debut album Whut? Thee Album in 1992, the Gold-certified New Jersey native has gone on to released an additional six studio albums, five mixtapes and three collaborative albums, having collaborated with the likes of Frankie Cutlass, K-Solo and many more throughout his 25-year career. Most recently, he wrapped up the "Burning Kush" tour with Method Man (2013) and released a 20-track compilation of remixes which included tracks from Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Jadakiss, Stevie Wonder and many more. Also, he's currently working on Muddy Waters 2: The Preload EP, a teaser project to be followed by the release of the highly-anticipated Muddy Waters 2 (which he's apparently been working on intermittently for the past four years). Stay tuned for the further adventures of Funk Doctor Spock! 

Facts Only

  • Redman was a member of the Def Squad in the late nineties.
  • He officially debuted on EPMD's "Hardcore" and "Brothers On My Jock" (1990).
  • Fellow emcee Tame One, of The Artifacts, is Redman's first cousin.
  • His work contains trace elements of reggae and funk.
  • Redman graduated from New Jersey's Montclair State University.

Top Songs



  • Whut? Thee Album1992
  • Doc's Da Name 20001998
  • Can't Wait1995
  • Pick It Up1997
  • Rockafella1994
  • Dare Iz A Darkside1994
  • It's Like That (My Big Brother)1996
  • Whateva Man1996
  • Funkorama1996
  • Tonight's Da Night1993
  • Reggie2010
  • Muddy Waters1996
  • Time 4 Sum Aksion1993
  • Red Gone Wild: Thee Album2007
  • Malpractice2001
  • Dat Undaground Shit!!!!1995
  • A Day Of Sooperman Lover1992
  • Blow Your Mind1992


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