It is well known that 50 Cent has somewhat of a ruthless disposition; should anybody in the game be dubbed “most cold-hearted,” Curtis Jackson may very well have earned the dubious honor. However, that’s not to say his disposition is consistently icy, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The man is in fact capable of sentimentality, and perhaps even love. The jury is still out on that. Either way, 50 Cent has shared the closest we’ve seen to his sensitive side in a minute. Taking to his favorite stomping grounds, The Gram, Fif has shared his favorite piece of jewelry. 

While many of his hip-hop colleagues have opted for lavish designs, occasionally drawing from cartoon or horror iconography, 50 Cent has taken a moment to celebrate the ones he loves. It would appear the man has immortalized the likeness of his grandmother, as seen below in chain form. “This is my favorite piece of jewelry,” writes 50. “I got this for my birthday, I have some really good friends. They put thought into things they get for me. My grandmother is my angel.” 

There you have it. You can get meaningful bling. One does have to wonder why he closed the caption with “get the strap,” but I suppose old habits die hard.