Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg’s relationship has been strained ever since the former ran for office. The rapper’s been more than vocal on his stance on the president in the past and in his video for “Lavender,” he pointed a fake gun at Trump’s head. That later prompted a response from the president on Twitter. However, Snoop revealed that he won’t be firing anymore shots at Trump in the future, mainly because he’s “a dummy.”

After releasing his album Bible Of Love, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Snoop’s just trying to push positivity in the world and that’s exactly why you won’t hear him taking any more shots at Trump. The rapper explained that no one will win by playing Trump’s divisive political game in a recent clip with TV One.

“You don’t answer to politics with negativity and the same energy that they have, because you’ll never win. This is system they designed. You can only beat the system by being the ‘anti.’ And the anti-hate is love.” He explained. “I came at him way foul in the beginning.”

He later revealed that the “boys” ended up knocking on his door because of how vocal he was against Trump’s presidency. 

“We took a few stands on him. Put a few pieces up, videos and threw a few shots at him. But I felt, that’s going nowhere fast ’cause he loves that.” He explained, “he tweeted me for something I did and said my career fell off and then made my career blow up even bigger. I said, this is a dummy. This is a straight dummy. Let me leave him alone, cuz and put some peace in the world and put some love in the world and not focus on him. ‘Cause the devil’s a lie.”

Peep the full clip below.