The last time Wendy Williams had anything to say about Beyonce it was that she needed some vocal assistance. “There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs auto-tune. Jen Lopez needs auto-tune, Janet [Jackson] needs auto-tune, Beyonce needs auto-tune,” she said.

Wendy is back to talking about Bey again but singing a different tune this time. The talkshow host only has positive things about the Lemonade singer after watching her Coachella performance that labeled her as the first Black female to headline the festival. “Beyonce is a one-woman force to reckoned with,” she said, detailing how the upcoming On The Run Tour 2 should just solely be Beyonce with Jay Z coming in every now and then.

Wendy then readies her viewers for her opinion where she says loud and clear: “Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time, living or dead.” She continues to compare Bey to Michael Jackson and Prince but assures her audience that Beyonce is better, hands down. 

“If I was Jennifer Lopez today, I would unplug my TV just for today – alright maybe the next week because people will still be talking about this,” Wendy says.

Watch the full video below.