On Wednesday, a man broke into Rihanna’s home while she was away. The intruder decided to stay the night until cops were alerted to his pretense by an alarm notification. According to the police report, the notification was sent after the alarm was tampered with, as is the case with many systems connected to a mainframe call center. The intruder was asked to exit the residence, at which point cops hit him with the taser gun.

New information in the case has since been available thanks to TMZ. The intruder has been identified as Eduardo Leon, a 26-year-old super fan with “malicious intentions.” Leon told cops his plan to have sex with Rihanna, with no intention of harm or forcing the issue. As soon as Leon became aware that she was not present, he reverted to his backup plan of spending the day retracing her steps in the mansion. Leon felt so at home, that he even found time to charge his phone and unpack his bag.

According to the same report, Eduardo Leon broke into another home on May 4th thinking it was Rihanna’s, which is why police have charged him with “Stalking” on top of the burglary and trespassing misdemeanors.  He is being held on $150,000 bail for his questionable acts.