Any home owner's worst nightmare came true last night for Rihanna, as it's been reported that a man was arrested after allegedly breaking in and staying the night in her L.A.-area home.

According to TMZ, police were notified about the intrusion this morning, after her alarm company had received notice that her alarm had been tampered with. When police arrived, they order the man to step outside the residence, which he did, but his encounter with the police ended with him being hit with a taser gun. 

While it's unknown what caused the man to be taser by police, one shouldn't question the thought processes of someone willing to break into a celebrities home and actually stay the night, rather than just taking what they want and leaving. 

Thankfully, Rihanna was not at home during the alleged break-in, and outside of the alleged burglar, no one else appeared to be hurt. According to law enforcement, the man will be booked on charges of residential burglary. 

Rihanna must be thankful that the situation was dealt with, but the idea that someone could enter your home without permission is still a scary one. Perhaps Rihanna might want to considering investing in some upgraded security, similar to what Beyonce and Jay Z did when they decided to turn their mansion into an impregnable fortress. Rihanna is clearly too busy to have to worry about home intruders, as she's just about to launch her new lingerie line, and is working on a new reggae album.