As one Twitter user wrote, seeing Jay-Z doing normal activities will never not be funny. The man could be out doing the groceries or pumping his gas and for some reason, it would get people cracking up. There’s an aura about Hova that makes him come off as wholly superior to all of us peasants. With such an extensive catalog of classics and a wife as talented and beautiful as Beyoncé, Jay-Z has everything going for him. The legend took a well-deserved break from touring to enjoy some Fourth of July sun with his family, going on a jet ski ride through the ocean. However, when photos of the two started surfacing online, fans used Hov’s hilariously serious expression and his protective headgear to turn him into a meme.

At this point, we’ve all seen the creativity people have displayed through their Young Thug & Lil Durk memes, mixing them in with the 21 Savage “supervillain” image. Of course, fans were questioning why Jay-Z was rocking a helmet while Beyoncé channeled her rebellious daredevil side without one. Also, is Jay-Z just scared of the water because this recalls previous times we’ve seen the legend look insanely awkward by the pool (see here!) Although we’re sure Jay was having an amazing time with his wife, his body language reveals something completely opposite, appearing as if his Fourth of July is the lousiest holiday he’s had in a while. As always, the internet dug deep into the realm of their thinking cavities, captioning the post that he was on his way to save DJ Khaled or photoshopping his face onto the cover of Nintendo 64 game Wave Race 64.

Which is the best meme that’s been created from Jay-Z wavy escapades?