Doing a world tour with your husband and recently suffering a floating stage break down sounds like enough of an excuse to just chill out for a few days in Cannes. Beyonce and Jay Z decided to post up in the beautiful city in France and shared some lovely photos that sees the couple posing with their oldest daughter, Blue. 

Our favourite image by far is Beyonce and Jay Z sitting on a step and Bey has her heels off and a half full beer right next to her - get it girl. The On The Run Tour II is in full swings of thing now and the husband and wife are set to perform in Germany tonight and Italy tomorrow. 

“Well, look at what they’ve been through in the last couple of years in terms of the things that they’ve confronted and the way that they’ve put it into art,” Richard Lawson previously said about the theme of their tour. “This is gonna be really a culmination of their growth and their ability to really confront the hard subjects and the hard issues.”

Check out their lovely family photos below and peep more tour dates here if you're itching to grab last minute tickets.