Police Say Daz Dillinger's Threat Against Kanye West Was Unfounded

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department has ruled a resumption of normal Kanye-activities.

BYDevin Ch
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Law Enforcement opened and closed the criminal investigation over Daz Dillinger's threats rather quickly. TMZ last reported that Crip gang leaders had called off an initiative to make Kanye West pay for his supposed disparaging comments. The drama began to unfold after Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger took offence to a lyric in "Ye vs. the People" in which Kanye West spoke erroneously about gang culture in America. 

Daz Dillinger subsequently issued a ban from California, Kanye's adopted soil. Many observers unfamiliar with Daz Dillinger's gang affiliation, were quick to question his recognized authority on the matter. That didn't stop Daz Dillinger from speaking on behalf of the gang partitions in the Los Angeles area. He then went ahead with a diss record titled True to the Game (part 2) in which he reminds Kanye that Trump is ready to double-cross him at the turn of a switch.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department looked into Daz's ruling over the weekend and quickly assessed it was nothing more than an idle threat. They shared their findings with sources close to TMZ. Apparently neither Kanye West or Daz Dillinger is either facing imminent danger or legal action, with one officer comparing Daz's state of address as nothing more than "bar room talk."

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