Farrah Abraham has been in headlines over the years for all the wrong reasons. From her adventures in pornography to her questionable parenting techniques, the 26-year-old just can’t seem to get it right. Her latest move that has left many shocked, is allowing her nine-year-old daughter, Sophia, to attend her butt plumping appointment. 

The Teen Mom star posted her visit on social media, videotaping the doctor putting in work in her behind while Sophia is spotted filming the video from a different angle. Apparently, her two dogs were there also, making the event one big family affair (insert face to palm emoji). The video hears Farrah boasting how she’s just “smoothing things” out in preparation for summer, adding how she’s just “keeping it natural with regular collagen.”

Since sharing the video to Instagram, the teen mom has received a lot of negative comments. “Allow your daughter to be a child. Stop teaching her about things that honestly she doesn’t need to know,” one user wrote. “How is she supposed to love herself if she sees her mom always changing her face and her body? Teach her how to be kind, teach her how to use her brain and not her body like you.”

“This is non-invasive, just like blood work or getting shots @Flawlessvegas did an amazing job and our children are curious so more power to Sophia learning about aesthetics & health,” Farrah tells TMZ. Watch the clip below.