Azealia Banks Not Yet Off The Hook For Breast-Biting Incident

Azealia Banks was in court this morning for her 2015 assault case.

BYAlex Zidel
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Back in 2015, Azealia Banks was just as controversial as she is today, if not more. The New York rapper has been embroiled in an assault case for three years after she attacked a female bouncer at a Manhattan nightclub, even going as far as biting her breast. Azealia pled guilty to assault in the third degree early last year and struck a plea deal with the judge, but it is unclear is the "212" singer has stuck to the specifics detailed in the plea. Banks was asked to attend anger management classes, seek mental health treatment and stay out of trouble with the law for a year. 

Her court date was set for this morning to reduce the third-degree assault charge to a lesser disorderly conduct infraction. While the judge took all things into consideration, it was determined that the amount of anger management hours completed by Azealia was unclear and, thus, a conclusion could not be reached. The future court date has been scheduled for next month and the rapper and her legal team have been urged to calculate the accurate number of hours completed by Banks.

Azealia Banks has recently continued to speak out about her incident with Russell Crowe, noting that she still wants to sue over it. We will continue to keep an eye on her legal situation and update you as details emerge.


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