Many artists have changed their names throughout their careers and it’s usually part of a musical transformation. 2 Chainz switched his name from Tity Boy before he broke into the mainstream, Snoop Dogg switched to Snoop Lion for his venture into reggae and Diddy has changed his name from Puffy to Love to Brother Love and then back to Diddy. Earlier this week, Young Thug decided to change his name, as well. The rapper hit Twitter to reveal that he’s changing his name to Sex. With the name change, this might be a hint at new music on the horizon.

Lil Uzi Vert, much like the rest of, would like Young Thug a.k.a Sex to drop some new music. “Sex need 2 drop some new songs,” he wrote on Twitter along with a fire emoji.

Uzi isn’t wrong about that. Everyone’s in need of some new music from Sex. The rapper only released one single this year with “MLK” in addition to the handful of feature verses he’s dropped. Hopefully the name change actually signifies a new project on the way. Over the past few years, Sex has delivered several projects within the span of 365 days.

Sex is actually Thug’s second name change in his career. Around the time of Jeffrey, he and Lyor Cohen were adamant about people referring to Sex as Jeffrey. That clearly didn’t stick. Maybe Sex will. Who knows. One thing is certain though, the public is in dire need of a new project from him. 

Lil Uzi vert young thug

Lil Uzi Vert Wants Young Thug AKA Sex To Drop New Music As Much As We Do