Bali Baby is considered to be part of the new crop of rising female rappers. She’s been grinding hard to get recognition, but Bali shows her chill vibes on this edition of How To Roll

The entertainer looked fly with her green lace and bomb nails swishing about. Most wouldn’t expect the stories of innocence she shares with us about her teen years. The Atlanta rapper laughs as she describes the ghetto materials she started rolling with:”Actually, let me not cap. I started with real pieces of paper…a piece of paper you print sh*t on.” Y’all wanna peep the video for that alone. Her homies chime in about the backwoods she currently uses, saying that those who complain about them simply don’t know how to roll. Baby definitely stepped up her kush game.

Bali Baby dropped some tunes in time for the summer. Her mixtape Baylor Swift hit in may. She also released a new loosie a couple of days ago.