No matter if you find him to be obnoxious, weird, funny or extremely talented, two things that are for sure about Tyler, The Creator. The first being that he makes incredibly unique music and secondly, he is a boss in every sense of the saying. Between his solo musical career and his many endeavors with Odd Future (OFWGKTA) including the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, The Golf Media App and designer clothing brand Golf Wang, Tyler Gregory Okonma has built an empire in the short timeline of about five to eight years.

Through it all, he has maintained a staunch dedication to honing his craft and pushing the limits of his musical repertoire, releasing five albums to date that all accurately and weirdly provide brilliant social commentary on times at hand. One of the most impressive things about Tyler, The Creator as an artist is most likely his ability to take different parts of the musical and different genres and melt them all together to create some of the most wonderful sounding, hype drowning records while also still maintaining a funny jab of peculiarity within the mix to keep things light.

As we explore Tyler, The Creator's somewhat short, yet sonically extensive discography, we will get a chance to see the many sides of Tyler and hopefully have somewhat better of an idea of who he is with this week's essential tracks.