It's either too early or too late to deem Frank Ocean's reign within the music industry as a legendary or classic run. No matter the classification though, it is undoubtedly true that Ocean is one of the biggest and most influential artists in the industry to date, in addition to the fact that he can truly deliver intricately crafted, socially aware, multi-genre spanning projects time and time again.

Since as early as 2005 Frank Ocean, born Christopher Edwin Breaux, has been actively building an impressive resume. After Hurricane Katrina ripped through his Hometown of New Orleans, Louisana and ravaged his recording studio, he moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing a career in Music. The singer recorded demos and hustled around the city to make connections within the industry that would eventually result in his first deal as a Songwriter. Before long he was writing for artists like John Legend, Beyoncé, Pharell and more.

By 2011, young Christopher Edwin Breaux had finally made the decision to trade the anonymity of songwriter in for the woeful experience of a solo artist and began working with the Tyler The Creative and the collective OFWGKTA as well as releasing his critically acclaimed project Nostalgia, Ultra. The project put Frank Ocean on the map, as Nostalgia, Ultra garnered Ocean his first charting single with "Novacane."

Then in 2012, Frank Ocean released his highly anticipated and celebrated debut Channel Orange and subsequently skyrocketed himself into the celebrity orbit. The project debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and secured the attention of the world as all eyes were then fixated on Frank Ocean. However, the several years that followed in between the release of his debut and his sophomore project were filled with unkept promises and several delays, but finally, in August 2016, Frank Ocean released his visual album Endless along with his anticipated sophomore follow-up Blond.

Once again, Frank Ocean is on top of the world, and while he has given us two incredibly dense and vivid albums and several singles as of late, many are afraid that he will soon fall back into his infamously reclusive ways and disappear without a trace for years. So in preparation of the possible looming Frank Ocean drought, here are 10 of his most essential tracks, with the addition of a few extras here and there.