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  • Tyga "$candal" Video
    Tyga "$candal" Video
    Much of the Fuk What They Talkin Bout mixtape centered around Tyga's dismissal of critics and gossipers, and "$candal" is yet another example of such. The new video for the project's closing track finds T-Raww in the church, venting about the media scrutiny he faces on a day-to-day basis. His controversial choice of partner, Kylie Jenner, doesn't show up in this one, but the subject is clearly in the air. 
  • Tyga "$candal" Video Teaser
    Tyga "$candal" Video Teaser
    Tyga has experienced a minor resurgence since dropping his Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout mixtape a month ago.
  • Tyga "Clarity" Video
    Tyga "Clarity" Video
    Tyga's back with another visual off his mixtape Fuk What They Talkin Bout. He's been teasing fans over the weekend that "Clarity" would drop on Monday morning, and here it goes. The music videos for Fuk What They Talkin Bout have all focused on showing off Tyga's wealth, his luxury raps are accompanied by luxury videos.  While he raps about the clarity of his diamonds, we see him chilling on a yacht out in Cannes, France and walking through a gallery filled with (expensive-looking) sculptures and modern art. Watch above.
  • Glasses Malone Feat. Tyga "Get Busy" Video
    Glasses Malone Feat. Tyga "Get Busy" Video
    Glasses Malone dropped his new album GlassHouse 2: Life Ain’t Nuthin But… on September 5th, and today he follows up several single drops with a music video for one of the many collaborations. Tyga himself has been keeping busy with visuals for basically every record off Fuk What They Talkin Bout, but he's also found the time to shoot a video with G Malone for their "Get Busy." The two rappers take over a boxing gym, with three women dancing in the ring. Watch the new music video above.
  • Tyga "Rap $tar" Video
    Tyga "Rap $tar" Video
    Tyga caught the internet's attention when he dropped his music video for "Stimulated" and it featured the youngest Jenner, Kylie. He's been releasing a slew of visuals from his Fuk What They Talkin Bout mixtape (we may see one for every song), and he continues today with the latest "Rap $tar" video.
  • Tyga "Stimulated" Video
    Tyga "Stimulated" Video
    Kylie Jenner is now 18, meaning it's legally acceptable for 25-year old Tyga to discuss their relationship in public and in his music. His Fuk What They Talkin Bout tape dropped two weeks after she turned 18, and Tyga took the opportunity to let everyone know that, yes, they've been having sex. "They say she young/She should have waited," he raps. "She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated."
  • Tyga "Glitta" Video
    Tyga "Glitta" Video
    Tyga dropped his Fuk What They Talkin Bout mixtape yesterday, and has now shared a new video from the project. "Glitta" is an aptly titled record, featuring two interlocking arpeggiated synth lines, while a buzzing bassline surges in and out. T-Raww compliments the heavy beat with some Cali-set visuals, rapping with the city's skyline behind him, before cruising among the palm tree-riddled streets.
  • Tyga "BuSSin Out Da Bag" Video
    Tyga "BuSSin Out Da Bag" Video
    Although it's been a short time since Tyga surprise-released his album The Gold Album, he hasn't slowed down when it comes to releasing new music. He's released several new music videos since the album, and this morning we get another self-directed flick from T-Raww.
  • Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 4)
    Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 4)
    "Once Tyga gets one of these crazy ideas in his head, there's no stopping him, so we kinda have to see it through" - Ant, Tyga's manager. Tyga has plenty of wacky ideas in episode 4 of "Kingin with Tyga," which opens with him getting massaged by two voluptuous women. Mohammad from Dubai interrupts his massage with a call to talk about a possible investment in oil -- "black gold." Tyga is looking to lock down a prosperous future for his family for generations to come.
  • Tyga Feat. A.E "Don't C Me Comin" Video
    Tyga Feat. A.E "Don't C Me Comin" Video
    As he has made abundantly clear in his new MTV reality series and his recent video "Master Suite," Tyga really, really loves his mansion. The trend continues in his new video for "Don't C Me Comin."
  • Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 3)
    Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 3)
    The saga that is MTV2 show "Kingin' With Tyga" continues with an action-packed 3rd episode.
  • Chris Brown Discusses His Relationship With Drake, Tyga, & Rihanna
    Chris Brown Discusses His Relationship With Drake, Tyga, & Rihanna
    After a performance on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Chris Brown participated in a raucous, possibly drunken backstage interview with Tim Westwood. They covered a wide variety of topics in 8 minutes, including Brown's first UK trip in several years, his stint in jail, his collaboration with Tyga, his beef with Drake, and his relationship with Rihanna. The overall theme of the interview was Brown's increased maturity. He explained that fatherhood has made him immeasurably more mature and given him something to live for.
  • Tyga "Master Suite" Video
    Tyga "Master Suite" Video
    Tyga may have recently dropped off his album, The Gold Album, however he's quickly made a return with more new music on deck: "Master Suite." It was obvious that T-Raww gave zero fucks when he released the album without a moment's notice on Spotify, only putting it on iTunes a few days later. But, in case we didn't get the message, Tyga is making it clear here, using the hashtag #FukWhatTheyTalkinBout along with the video's release.
  • Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 1)
    Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 1)
    Long-awaited Tyga reality show "Kingin' With Tyga" premiered Friday on MTV2.  Here's a quick run down of what happened in the series premiere: T-Raww's neighbor Master P stops by his $10 million mansion and gives him inspiration for his next entrepreneurial idea. He then attempts to install a $25,000 gold toilet in his bathroom with the help of his manager Ant and his right-hand man Trell. The highlight of the episode comes when Chris Brown comes by the crib to paint a legitimately dope mural for Tyga's son and his godson, King Cairo. 
  • Pia Mia Feat. Chris Brown & Tyga "Do It Again" Video
    Pia Mia Feat. Chris Brown & Tyga "Do It Again" Video
    Pia Mia's catchy RnBass single has been climbing the charts recently, and the new summer-celebrating video for the hit should give it yet another push. The Nic Nac-produced track is in the same vein as Chris Brown and Tyga's own "Ayo," which makes them a pretty natural addition to the track. At only 18 years old, this is a pretty big moment for Pia, who may stick around for a while if she's able to keep pumping out hits this infectious. Still no word on when her debut album will arrive, but with the success of "Do It Again," it could be fairly soon.
  • Watch Official Trailer For Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga"
    Watch Official Trailer For Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga"
    News of a Tyga reality show surfaced back in January. MTV just dropped the official trailer. The show name? "Kingin' With Tyga." MTV is framing it as an Entourage-type romp, flanking T-Raww with the crew of right hand man Trell, assistant Katherine, DJ S.B., and manager Ant ("that's almost $40 grand on a toilet") and having them do all sorts of dumb bro shenanigans like renting zebras and scootering through mansions.
  • Word On The Street: The Tyga, Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna Love Triangle
    Word On The Street: The Tyga, Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna Love Triangle
    Tyga's relationship status has been a talking point for a good while now, but things escalated this past week when he went at it with his ex (Blac Chyna)'s mom on Instagram, Chyna filed for full custody of their son and a crafty street artist
  • Tyga Freestyles For Tim Westwood
    Tyga Freestyles For Tim Westwood
    We're not sure what it is, but when rapper's hit up Tim Westwood's show, they show up with their best bars. Even The Game wouldn't dare recycle a verse for Westwood, and Tyga seems to be prepared to give the DJ some of his best rhymes as well. 
  • Tyga "40 Mill" Video
    Tyga "40 Mill" Video
    With a single called "40 Mill," you would definitely expect a lavish music video. Tyga doesn't disappoint for the latest music video off his anticipated album The Gold Album, with a host of red luxury vehicles and a massive mansion in the hills. There are dozens of beautiful girls around the mansion and exotic animals, adding to the scenery, as well as shots of T-Raww and his crew on the roof of their Last Kings store in L.A.
  • Chris Brown & Tyga On Hot 97
    Chris Brown & Tyga On Hot 97
    Chris Brown and Tyga are dropping their joint album Fan of a Fan: The Album tomorrow, and the two are also on the road with Trey Songz for their "Between the Sheets" tour. They got in some last-minute promo while in NYC, paying a visit to Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning.
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