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  • Miguel "Waves" Video
    Miguel "Waves" Video
    Over the weekend, Miguel teased fans with a little preview of the visuals for "Waves" off his recent album Wildheart. The singer kicks off Monday morning by unveiling the full set of visuals for "Waves." In the music video, Miguel performs the single to a turnt up crowd amid some colorful lights. Just when you think that'll be the mood for the remainder of the video, things go a completely trippy direction, paralleling Miguel's high with that of the song. Miguel is soon surrounded by dancing women and plunges into water.
  • Miguel "Waves (Teaser)" Video
    Miguel "Waves (Teaser)" Video
    Miguel has shared a preview of the upcoming music video to "Waves," off his Wildheart album, released at the end of June. The teaser clip starts off with Miguel swimming in the deep, and we're soon taken to a colorfully lit nightclub, where Miguel is somehow both the night's performer as well as a sweaty dancing clubgoer. As with most of Miguel's videos, there are lots of bodies touching and plenty of sexual innuendo. 
  • Miguel Takes "Simplethings" To The Tonight Show
    Miguel Takes "Simplethings" To The Tonight Show
    Miguel delivered his best work yet with his latest album, WILDHEART, and one of the highlights in the impressive bunch was early single, "Simplethings," relegated to bonus track status, but still a great fit with the psychedelic sounds of the rest of the album. Miguel decided to bring the song to the Tonight Show in a slightly more stripped down, but just as explosive form. Watch Fallon try to hide the LP's explicit cover behind a coffee cup before Miguel and his band take the stage above. Is WILDHEART in your top five releases of the year so far?  
  • ASAP Rocky Feat. Miguel, Mark Ronson, Rod Stewart "Everyday" Video
    ASAP Rocky Feat. Miguel, Mark Ronson, Rod Stewart "Everyday" Video
    Thus far, A$AP Rocky's come through with some pretty impressive videos for cuts off of A.L.L.A., but this new one takes the cake. After "Jukebox Joints"' impressive depiction of an acid trip, we get a very conceptual "Everyday" video, complete with what I once considered a near impossibility: a cameo from Rod Stewart, whose voice is sampled on the track.
  • Miguel "Crazy Enough" Documentary
    Miguel "Crazy Enough" Documentary
    Yours Truly dug up some old footage of Miguel, and mixed it in with some new footage, to put Miguel's evolution in perspective. If there's one thing that hasn't changed, it's the singer humility. YT first caught up with the then-rising (slash struggling) singer in 2008, in his native San Pedro. At the time, he was stuck in a contract that he didn't want to be in, but he was still hopeful. Yours Truly then re-visited Miguel this summer, and Miguel spoke on his past struggles-- juxtaposed with clips from 2008.
  • Miguel Feat. Kurupt "NWA" Video
    Miguel Feat. Kurupt "NWA" Video
    One of the stand-out records on Miguel's new album WILDHEART (which also appeared on the EP before it) now get the visual treatment.  The visual goes back-and-forth between Miguel and Kurupt as they do their part on the record, with Kurupt riding around L.A. in a vintage blue car, and Miguel preferring to walk around in his signature leather jacket. However their paths collide at the end, when Kurupt picks up Miguel and they drive away just as the song ends.
  • Miguel On HOT 97
    Miguel On HOT 97
    Miguel, who recently spurred some controversy when he made a comment about Frank Ocean, was in NYC and visited HOT 97's Ebro in the Morning to discuss his new album WILDHEART. During the interview, the r'n'b singer discusses his stylistic changes over the course of his career (and how he views it personally), as well as the evolution of r'n'b as a whole. He also goes on to discuss having Kurupt and Lenny Kravitz on the new album.
  • Miguel "WILDHEART Chapter 1: Find What You Love & Let It Kill You " Video
    Miguel "WILDHEART Chapter 1: Find What You Love & Let It Kill You " Video
    Miguel just release his new album, WILDHEART, to glowing reviews, and while we've already received a video for lead single "Coffee," the singer has revealed an ambitious short film soundtracked by some of the songs from the album.
  • Miguel Performs "Coffee" On Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Miguel Performs "Coffee" On Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Most of us have already been able to listen to Miguel's anticipated new album, WILDHEART, thanks to an early stream of it. The album, which is out now, features a few records from Miguel's free EP earlier this year as well. Namely, "Coffee" first lived on the three-song EP. Miguel's chosen it as the single to push off WILDHEART, and performed the record for Jimmy Kimmel's audience the other night.
  • Miguel "Coffee" Video
    Miguel "Coffee" Video
    Last night, Miguel gave us three new tracks from his upcoming album Wildheart, and shortly afterward, we now have the video for lead single "Coffee." Absent from the music video are two key components of the version we heard a few weeks ago: a Wale verse, and the word "Fucking" in parentheses in the song's title.
  • Miguel Performs "Coffee" Live For Jack Daniels' Uncut Sessions
    Miguel Performs "Coffee" Live For Jack Daniels' Uncut Sessions
    After confirming that his Wildheart LP would be finally arriving this summer, R&B sensation Miguel decided to stop by the Lair Studios in LA for Jack Daniel’s Uncut Sessions and put on a live performance. Backed by his usual band members, the “Adorn” singer gave the first ever live performance of his new provocative hit “Coffee.” Check it out above, and keep your eyes peeled for more music to drop before the June 30th release date of Wildheart arrives.
  • Miguel On The Breakfast Club
    Miguel On The Breakfast Club
    Miguel is just starting to promote his upcoming album, WildHeart, after announcing a release date for the album earlier in the week. Around the same time he announced the release for WildHeart, news circulated that the singer was (finally) being sued for his leg-drop incident at the Billboard Music Awards two years back. When asked about it during his interview, Miguel sort of brushes it off saying he can laugh at it now.
  • Miguel Talks Upcoming Album, Met Gala, & More On Ebro In The Morning
    Miguel Talks Upcoming Album, Met Gala, & More On Ebro In The Morning
    Not long after Ciara stopped by Ebro in the Morning, R&B singer Miguel decided to follow in suit and break what feels like his extremely long silence. Running 30-minutes in length, Miguel had plenty of time to talk about everything from his upcoming album, Wildheart and Met Gela to relationship with his woman, and working with producers DJ Premier & Pharrell, among other things. He even says that fans can look forward to seeing something very special “visually” with this upcoming album.
  • Miguel "Coffee (Fucking)" Video (Teaser)
    Miguel "Coffee (Fucking)" Video (Teaser)
    Miguel was quiet for too long, and now that's he's returned with a brand new single, people are excited. It helps that the single is awesome, but we've come to expect no less from the "Adorn" singer. While the attention has also opened up old wounds with the infamous "dropkick" incident going back to courts, things are mostly positive in Miguel's world, sharing a new clip of the trippy visuals for his new single, "Coffee".
  • Miguel Gives A Tour Of His Home
    Miguel Gives A Tour Of His Home
    The FADER bring us another "At Home" video segment today, this time tapping Miguel to give them a tour of his house, complete with some low-key (or not at all) product placement. The r'n'b singer shows us his living room and kitchen, and discusses getting into the interior decoration of his home, before taking us to where the magic happens (not his bedroom): his studio in the basement. Miguel explains why he prefer his home studio to a regular one, and ends things by showing off his pussy(cat) and his Grammy.
  • Funny Or Die: DJ Premier Debuts New Sound
    Funny Or Die: DJ Premier Debuts New Sound
    There's no doubt that DJ Premier has crafted some of hip hop's most iconic instrumentals, but nothing he's recorded before compares to these new tracks he has in the works. Premiering some exclusive instrumentals for Royce Da 5'9'', Lady of Rage, and Miguel, the Gang Starr DJ gives us a taste of the new sound that he's pursuing. As Miguel says, it's the kind of stuff you want to hear when naked and wrapped up in cashmere. Hip-hop's been "hard" for a few decades now. Isn't about time the genre went a bit softer? Let us know what you're thinking.
  • French Montana Feat. Miguel "Explicit For Ya" BTS Video
    French Montana Feat. Miguel "Explicit For Ya" BTS Video
    French Montanas currently hard at work on his upcoming studio album Mac & Cheese 4, and today he's given us another clue as to what we can expect from the album. A collab with Miguel entitled "Explicit For Ya" should a ppear on the project, as a video has already been shot. Today, take a behind the scenes look at the video shoot. Posted up in what appears to be a straight-up villa, French and Miguel clown around, ham it up for the camera, and of course, canoodle with the women for whom they're allegedly being explicit. Stay tuned for a full video. 
  • Miguel "Simple Things" Video
    Miguel "Simple Things" Video
    Miguel has decided to do a music video for his recent record "Simple Things," which was created for the soundtrack of HBO tv show "Girls." The guitar-laden ballad receives a strictly black & white music video, as Miguel wanders around Los Angeles, and so does a blonde chick. At the same time, we see two dogs running the streets. As the video draws to a close, both Miguel and the blonde chick meet up on the beach, and likewise for the two dogs.
  • Miguel Discusses “Kaleidoscope Dream” Follow-Up
    Miguel Discusses “Kaleidoscope Dream” Follow-Up
    After dropping off the smooth cut "Simple Things" yesterday, R&B singer Miguel sits down with VIBE Magazine and talks about his follow-up project to the 2012 album "Kaleidoscope Dream". Miguel says one of his goals is to land this year's "Summer anthem" and then drop the album right after in the Fall. Hopefully we don't have to wait til Fall for a full-length project. Check out his brief chat above.Behold Miguel Discusses “Kaleidoscope Dream” Follow-Up, a new offering from Miguel, which was released on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014.
  • Big Sean Feat. Miguel "Ashley" Video
    Big Sean Feat. Miguel "Ashley" Video
    After dropping his visual for, "1st Quarter," last week, Big Sean drops his video for "Ashley," showcasing a more contemplative side to the rapper than most would attribute to him. It is ripped right from his album, "Hall of Fame," which is available in stores or on iTunes.Get a load of Big Sean Feat. Miguel "Ashley" Video, a new visual from Big Sean that saw the light of day on Friday, January 31st, 2014. Big Sean's movement grows stronger with each new release, and Big Sean Feat. Miguel "Ashley" Video has further strengthened that fact.