Yung Bleu's "You're Mines Still" proved to be a breakout hit, unsurprising given that it was part of the so-called "Drake Stimulus Package," to the point where the rapper openly admitted to securing the quickest bag of his career as a result. And with the song widening the scope of his mainstream reach, it also sparked a few remixes and freestyles -- including one from fellow Canadian Tory Lanez, who previously offered his own take on the track in February.

Unfortunately for Lanez, Yung Bleu was extremely displeased with the remix, especially given some of the backstory. "Remixes cool but show love ! Y’all n*ggas weird!" he wrote, calling out Tory for a prior snub. "@torylanez I reached out to u on some let’s work sh*t. U never responded that’s cool ! Never gone get mad at that ! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young n*gga tryna come up. U rap n*ggas be on some hoe sh*t."

Yung Bleu

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Recently, Bleu took a moment to chop it up with DJ Vlad, who made sure to inquire about the Tory Lanez situation. "I had hit him up a couple of times, and he never responded," explained the young melodist. "I know a couple of people in radio who reached out on my behalf, and he never got back to them...Then I see he did a remix of my song and didn't tag me. So I basically said something about it, cause I needed to start standing up for myself bro."

"I don't think he meant nothin' by it, it just honestly slipped his mind," explains Bleu. "But I don't know." When Vlad brings up how Bleu had Tory's remix video taken down, the singer offers a bit of clarity on the situation. "I actually texted him to put it back up," he says. "But they never put it back up. After I linked up with him and we did a song together, I told Empire to put it back up. I was cool with it coming back, it just never came back."

Bleu reveals that the pair were able to talk it out, maintaining that it was never that serious to begin with. Vlad proceeds to inquire about Tory and Megan Thee Stallion's ongoing situation, but Bleu isn't willing to head down that particular rabbit hole. "I ain't a judge, so I can't even say my take," he explains. "I had so many crazy drunk nights, I can't even know what happened that night. I can't really say." 

For more insight from Yung Bleu, check out his full VLAD TV interview below.