Artists remix and give their creative takes on one another's songs all of the time, but Yung Bleu has a bone to pick with Tory Lanez. Back in October, Yung Bleu shared the Drake-assisted remix to his single "You're Mines Still," a track that fans were excited to receive. It's been racking up streaming numbers for both artists and on Thursday (February 11), Tory Lanez emerged with his remix to the duet. It was up briefly before Lanez returned to say that he uploaded the incorrect version, but while the Daystar rapper figures things out on his end, Bleu has come forward to call Lanez out.

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"Remixes cool but show love ! Y’all n*ggas weird !" Bleu wrote in the caption to an Instagram post. "@torylanez I reached out to u on some let’s work sh*t. U never responded that’s cool ! Never gone get mad at that ! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young n*gga tryna come up. U rap n*ggas be on some hoe sh*t. Ain’t no more biting my tongue with you n*ggas ! If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a n*gga coming up In the same lane. Show love ! N*ggas be acting scary ima come direct ain fenna subtweet sh*t."

Bleu wasn't quite finished. He shared a video of himself with a few more thoughts. "I hope it ain't take you long to record that song," he quipped. "I hope you ain't spent no lotta money, twelve hours in the studio recording that song," said Bleu. "'Cause as soon as you upload that b*tch on YouTube, that b*tch finna come straight down. So, go get ya money back, go get ya refund, go get a receipt. You didn't tag me, you didn't show love. That sh*t comin' down."

Lanez hasn't yet responded. Check out Yung Bleu's posts below and let us know if you think he's overreacting or justified.

Yung Bleu, Tory Lanez, Drake, You're Mines Still